Professional Image

Today, everyone is using social media online, but not everyone has the appropriate image. Nathan Chandler wrote an article called 10 Tips for Maintaining a Professional Image Online. I found this article through viewing fellow students in #tfws14 when they tweeted #tfebt. He gives tips on how to keep online materials, but keep them professional. It’s understandable that one’s life doesn’t revolve around work and professionals are allowed to have a personal life as well, but that doesn’t allow for any professional to have inappropriate social media.
I believe students should be more educated about social media while they are young and just beginning to experiment with multiple social networks. This is usually where mistakes can begin to form. Once something is posted, it is available for the world to see. It is public and anyone is able to look that up and connect it back to whoever posted it. When children first start using social media, they don’t realize the repercussions that can happen later on, so it would be more effective if they were given this knowledge earlier.
If they were educated on how to properly use the many media facets, then they would think twice before posting inappropriate things. Now I’m not saying that schools should push for their students to have social networks, but they should be educated on both the positive and negative effects on someone’s professional life. Usually the students focus on posting more of the negative and inappropriate things because they could consider it “cool”. The focus should be shifted to showing positive aspects of what social networks can do. That doesn’t necessarily mean that students will begin to connect with professionals and start interacting and begin their own connections, but it does give them the idea that the same site they’re posting unprofessional materials on will be the same site that future employers will use.
Keep the younger generations educated on how to maintain proper professional accounts and this could positively impact them in the future!


Multipurpose Social Media

When I was younger and in school, I can remember cellphones becoming the most exciting thing to own.  Everyone wanted one and was constantly begging their parents to purchase one for them.  Once everyone finally purchased one we all realized we weren’t allowed to have them in school.  They needed to be turned off and put away.

Recently I’ve visited one of my teachers and observed her classroom.  She had an open invitation to come and visit anytime, so one day I decided to take her up on it.  While she was lecturing in classes, I noticed almost half of the students trying to be sneaky and use their cellphone hidden  in their purse, or under their books, or in their pockets, and the list goes on and on.  This caused me to do some research with all of the social media that is out there now.

One of the most popular is instagram.  Maryalene LaPonsie posted an article called Picture This: 5 Ways Teachers Can Use Instagram in the Classroom.  This article found different ways to incorporate instagram into the classroom.  A couple of the ideas she listed were assigning photo-essays or having them use the pictures on instagram as a writing prompt.  These are simple tasks that are both enjoyable for the students and educational.  Not only can this allow the students to become more engaged, but it makes it easier on the teacher.  It’s easier to assign a photo assignment, then for instance, having the students all write papers.  Not only does the teacher have to grade all of them, which can be time consuming, but the students will most likely hate the work involved in it.

As long as the school approves of students using their cellphones during class, it is an excellent way to utilize the social media that the majority of students love to use!