Final Prezi

My initial Prezi took no time at all I was able to pull together a pretty decent prezi without much effort. Revision however, made my entire Prezi process difficult. I was trying to make my Prezi more originally mine, not unlike the challenges we have been facing within this new Web 2.0 based writing. I have attached my prezi which I hope will give you insight into the resources available to writers today and also the challenges writers face within new computing environments.

Please watch it on a 4 second time


Final Project

Through my, Technology and the Future of Writing, class I have discovered a plethora of resources available for writing. Writing has transitioned from hieroglyphics to pen and paper to writing on computers and within programs. Everyone now has access to publish and share information and they aren’t limited to what they can write. In my Prezi, I share various programs used in my efforts for this class as well as my take on what the future has in store for writing and writers. As the world changes so should our practices and writing is no exception to this.

Final Project, Prezi

Through a one of my current classes, we’ve explored the variety of technology within writing and how it has evolved. For the final, we were assigned to create a prezi that showcased our final product and pulled everything that we had learned together. Although, this is my first time using prezi, I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out. Watch the video with auto play at 20 seconds, so you’re able to following along with the pictures as it correlates with the narrative. To watch the prezi please click here. Thank you for watching!