Can We Meet The Demand For Computer Science?

It’s no secret. Technology is the way of the future. We’ve been making the transition to computers and digital everything for years now, so why is it such a big deal? This article that Amy McKeever posted to Twitter explains that. Long story short, too few schools teach computer science. It’s been estimated that “in the next decade there will be about 1 million more U.S. jobs in the tech sector than computer science graduates to fill them.” That’s scary. What’s worse is that we’re missing out. The education technology sector is worth 8 BILLION DOLLARS and it’s still growing. It has no foreseen end to its growth.


One organization called Kodable is teaching kids ages 5 and under programming by playing games. They have kids as young as 2 years old using it. Is this the new direction for schooling? Will they implement these programs to create a new generation of super programming children? Maybe. Schools are not teaching computer science, but this curriculum could change all that. Schools new newer computers and a new curriculum to meet this demand. Otherwise, the gap of knowledge will only grow larger. It’s more than just students who need to meet this new demand. The schools teaching them have to improve as well.


2 thoughts on “Can We Meet The Demand For Computer Science?

  1. This was so interesting! You would think that such a high priced job would have people swarming to try and get into that profession. But if the students are taught that, that particular option is there for them then they’ll never head down that path. They need to be given the opportunity. the teaching in education needs to step up and give all job opportunities an equal chance. Not only will it help fill the gap, but it would be filled by students who are passionate about the career.

  2. Really interesting post! I understand the need for Computer Sciences but what happens when the maturation of the student does not fit with the platform they are partaking in? What will computer savvy children be loosing when they are more aware of the technology than the social skills needed to be happy healthy adults? I am skeptical of over exposure to technology as a healthy option for children. Too much screen time is detrimental to their health, and what of well being? Have we taken it too far?

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