Negatives of Technology in Classrooms

Through viewing feedly and other social networks I originally thought that all technology in the classroom was a positive, but I realized I was wrong when I viewed this article. It’s not necessarily a negative, but there are some things that need to be watched out for so the technology stays strictly educational and nothing more.
For example, when students are given technology with internet access it needs to be monitored so that the students aren’t using it to go on social media. If they have internet access, it can appear as if they’re engaging in the lesson, but that they’re clearly doing anything but that. In addition to social media, the students could also be gaming. They could find alternate game sites and again not be paying attention.
It is handy that technology is portable and able to be used in a classroom. It’s important to make sure that every portable item is accounted for before and after class. Due to its portability, it could be removed by the students and no longer available for classroom education.
Not only can it be taken, but the technology could be inadvertently damaged. Sometimes accidents do occur, but the proper measures should be taken before this happens, such as having insurance. Students can be watched constantly as they’re using the devices, but it only takes a second for an accident to happen.
These are only a few of the possible negatives that could occur by using the tablets in classrooms. Although we want to expand how children learn and increase their knowledge, it’s important to know the risks of using the technology. Only if the teacher is completely aware of the pros and cons, then are they fully able to prepare for class accordingly.


3 thoughts on “Negatives of Technology in Classrooms

  1. While it is a genuine concern to worry about what your students are doing when they are handed computers in the classroom, I think you’ve left out the VERY IMPORTANT fact that software exists to prevent this. Even in schools where the students are given tablets, that technology is set up so that students cannot download and play games or view websites which are not appropriate. There are many tools for teachers to maintain technological control in their classrooms.

  2. I never even thought about tablets getting damaged and/or stolen. My first thought is always the positive aspect of technology or the “We didn’t have those back in my day” type of mindset. It’s an interesting blog that warns people of the looming danger of technology, not only technology’s danger to us, but our danger to technology. We can both harm each other. Very interesting points.

  3. Your right, technology is important in the classroom, and its hard to see it as anything but positive. Like everything else in this world, there are negatives to using technology in the classroom. Your depiction of the negatives was informing and gave me confidence in knowing that technology should be used in education. The small number of negatives mentioned in your blog are small in comparison to the benefits that technology brings to the classroom and I fully intend to watch out for these in my future classroom.

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