Virtual Field Trips

google earth
I found this article through Lauren Leonard when she tweeted this article. This article was more of how to actually use the technology in classrooms and less of the effects that technology can have on education. It discussed how teachers can use Google earth and make a virtual field trip for the students. Not only is it free, but it’s easily accessible, so any teacher can use it.
Through the field trip there are constant pop-ups with information. The students aren’t just seeing what is there, but they’re being given additional information as well. It’s almost like they are walking around with a tour guide. An example is shown below. It gives the students something to discuss as well as having them complete an activity with what they just learned and saw.

google earth trip
This is an extremely great example of teachers becoming creative and using the technology right around them. I can remember as a young student playing around in Google earth. It was more like a game of finding your house and seeing what it looks like. I never would have imagined that it could be turned into something that was educational. Everything can be used for more than one purpose.
I can also relate this to a current class that I’m enrolled at in Rowan University. It is a second part of a teaching course and within this course it’s all virtual experiences in classrooms. In the first part of the teaching course the students are physically in a classroom with children and the second part students are in their own classroom virtually watching children in their classrooms. It’s an example that these virtual experiences aren’t just being used for the lower grades, but also at college level.
This can also be a great tool for those schools that are not fortunate enough to be able to afford field trips, but have the access to a computer. They’re still able to give their students the sensation of going to a different location without actually being there.


2 thoughts on “Virtual Field Trips

  1. Since I plan on becoming a teacher in the near future I was automatically drawn to this blog. I love this article! I would have never thought of a great idea like this; pretty amazing 🙂 The fact that you can do field trips while in the classroom is so useful and brilliant. If you think about it there are so many schools whose parents can’t afford to send their children on field trips causing those children to miss out on the adventures and experiences their classmates went on. This is definitely something I will try to incorporate into my classroom in the future.

  2. This is really cool! I had no idea stuff like this existed! I also thought that Google Earth was just for goofing around and trying to find your house, but this is really great. It allows for teachers to keep kids entertained while giving them actual educational facts about places. AND IT’S FREE. Whoever thought of this deserves an award or something. Good blog, and great points about it.

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