Classroom technology through the years

While doing research on education and technology I ran across this really cool video. It shows how technology has advanced and how it’s been used and continues to be used in the classrooms.

I smiled and nodded the whole time watching it. I can relate to most of it from the seat of the student. The teachers who taught me used some of the technology to conduct lessons in class. Today’s technology far surpasses what was used in classrooms in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. As a teacher, classrooms are now supplied with computers, laptops, ipads and smartphones. So I was totally surprised Spring 2013 semester when I took Child Development and the professor teaching the class used an overhead projector  for the students to take notes. He refused to use email or black board. In this day of modern day technology I must admit, we were all a bit stunned and slightly annoyed. Being from the era of constant note taking, the whole thing was very familiar to me. However, my classmates sighed loudly each time the professor used the overhead  to lecture and demanded the students take notes. Surprisingly, no one complained.


4 thoughts on “Classroom technology through the years

  1. I think we can all agree on this topic and the confusion it has brought. I am one of those students who does not mind going back to the days of the overhead projector and writing notes instead of typing them. One of the only reasons why I’ve adapted to this new technology is because I know for my future I will have no choice but to incorporate it in my lessons to my students.This is simply because they will be more knowledgeable about the technology than I would be if I didn’t. It just amazes me on how it has changed so much; something I’m going to need to get used to.

    • I think students should be taught both ways. Modern day technology does not always work. What if there is no electricity? what if the batteries die? How would the teacher teach a lesson then? I truly believe for students to truly appreciate what they have now with modern day technology, they need to know how it was.

  2. While many students find the idea of writing notes to be tedious and a waste of time, I find it useful. Typing is much quicker, but there is a sense of understanding that comes from writing something down. My advice for those struggling with a teacher who uses outdated teaching methods is to roll with it. Take the notes freehand then type organize them later at your leisure. I found this to be the most rewarding method of note taking. Not simply for my outdated teachers but for note taking in general. By the time you write and then rewrite the information it is much more likely to have made a significant impact in your brain.

    • I agree 100%. It’s helps me to retain the information once I’ve written it. I take notes at meetings, in class and when I attend bible services. You would think after being in school on Tuesdays 8am-6pm by 7:30pm I’d be too tired to write but I write notes every Tuesday evening at service. yes some classroom technology helps with teaching assignments but there’s nothing like taking notes with good old piece of paper & pen.

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