What is Literacy

Literacy is presumed by many to be a marked achievable accomplishment. In kindergarten we can assume you will read and write your name- that is literacy to a child. To an adult we know that there is a level achieved, being able to read a newspaper, complete a mathematical equation, write a letter, understand a contract and of course sign it.

In Kevin Kelly’s “Becoming Screen Literate,” he addresses people becoming literate in a media of digital video. Kelly states “The habits of mashup are borrowed from textual literacy. You cut and paste words on a page.” The problem with this technique of borrowing and synergy of ideas is where does the original authors work actually end and the new author begin. In this type of digital media for example, we can see how dangerously words and ideas can be clipped and formed to represent out of context an author’s intent.

Additionally, the student that is clipping segments of ideas and representing them as something different then their intent is learning dishonestly. They are learning the skill of misappropriation rather then the skill of complex thought.

Kelly states “truth is something you assemble yourself on your own screen.” This refers to an elemental truth of all people we do really create our own version of the truth, because from our perspective we are only able to understand our version.

Literacy, to me is seeking further then our own original version of the truth, it is an ever moving target made up of every possible media and experience. You are illiterate to a road until you experience that particular road, but once you experience it you start to become familiar and understand the way to make your own route.




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