Technology on a Budget

Literature and media on the topic of technology in education talks about tablets and personal computers and their endless possibilities, but not all schools have the funds for this kind of technology. Actually most schools don’t have that kind of money. It’s hard enough to get updated textbooks let alone a brand new iPad for all the students. How are teachers from those many districts without the money, supposed to incorporate technology in their classrooms? They could go out and buy some themselves, but that doesn’t seem quite possible on the restricted salary. Well good news is, it doesn’t mean they have to give up and stick to traditional ways of teaching.No. There are many ways to enhance teaching using technology without the need of all of those fancy devices. Jennie Mageria lists many ways to do so in her article 7 Ideas for Going Digital without Devices.


A classroom can be fun an innovative without costing a fortune.Using programs like Youtube, Twitter, KidBlog and many others, teachers can enhance their students learning without a need for a large budget. Students can use these programs at home, in the classroom, on shared computers in the school, and even at the local library. Students are able to engage the class in a variety of locations. Even if the students did not each have access to a computer, many classrooms are equipped with at least one computer and a projector of some sort to share the screen. This way the class can work together on a project or watch a video related to what they are learning about.

These programs engage the students leaving them with more meaningful experiences. When an experience is meaningful students are more likely to take away from their learning and apply it to real life.

One thought on “Technology on a Budget

  1. This blog is extremely helpful to all teachers! You’re right, most teachers don’t have the budget to afford thins like ipads. I’ve never considered the thought about money. That article is a great help because it does give ways that teacher can still use the technology, but in a more costly efficient manner. The students who aren’t at a high budgeted school shouldn’t have to suffer and this way they don’t have to. They’re still exposed to the technology, just like the other students, but in a different way. Not worse, just different.

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