President Obama Commits to Education Technology

Going to school and getting a good education is way different now than when I was a child. In the classrooms we used pen, paper and text books. When we  were assigned a homework project or a research paper to do, we went to the library. We used newspapers, encyclopedias and other books to gather information to use to complete the assignment. 30 years later it’s way different. Computers, laptops, ipads and other technological devices are being used to teach children in the classrooms.

Realizing that students in the United States are behind students in other countries, President Obama announced on February 04, 2014 that nearly $3billion dollars will be used to close this technology gap in the schools between American children and those in other countries and nations. He’s hoping to use technology to help with education students in public schools from K-12.  He also wants to expand broadband access and wireless internet. Obama wants technology to help students to become doctors, lawyers, scientist, business leaders and engineers. Don’t worry the tax payers will not be footing the $3billion dollar price tag.

The Federal Communications Commission and several private technology companies are also interested in closing the gap between American children and children in other countries. Companies such as Microsoft, who has committed to $1billion dollars. Microsoft will provide devices for all public schools K-12 and offer 12 million copies of Microsoft office free to students at qualifying low income schools. Apple is pledging $100 million worth of ipads, math books and other educational tools that will help children in public schools learn via technology. A T & T will also spend $100 million to provide middle school students with free internet on the educational devices that they use for three years. Sprint will offer free wireless to high school students from low income families for four years. Apple, Microsoft & Verizon will give a combined $750 million to provide free and discounted digital education to schools across the country. As a teacher I can’t help but pray that the schools in Camden be fortunate enough to receive some of the technology and educational devices.

“In a country where we expect to get free wi-fi with our coffee we should definitely demand it in our schools.” Obama said.

The Presidents also understands that no technology can replace a good teacher, he wants to make sure that all teachers are trained in how to use the technology to educate students. I understand this to the fullest. As a teacher and future daycare owner, I am learning how to use technology to educate myself and I am looking forward to using it to teach the little ones that come into my facility. To assist with this over the next few years Verizon will be giving $100 million in cash to help the develop teachers learn how to make the best use of the technology so that they will be educating the children not the old fashion way with books, pens and paper but using technology.

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