Field Trips in a Tech Savy Classroom

Like, Education Technology and Mobile Learning’s,step by step Guide to Creating a Virtual Field Trip Using Google Earth, this video shows how to bring the world to our students when we can’t bring our students to the world. Whether the situation be too dangerous, money is too scarce, or a just a mere lack of time, Google maps allows classrooms to travel across the world in a matter of seconds. With the click of the mouse an entire classroom can be in exploring the pyramids of Egypt. No longer are students bounded by their location in what they can experience. Classrooms even have the ability to interact with one another. This could totally redefine our entire concept of the world field trip. The endless possibilities on Google maps allows teachers to facilitate field trips all over the world. The trips can last a class period or over the course of a few days and can span and entire subject..
These virtual field trips allow students to experience their learning rather than learning about it from text books. This virtual experience provides them with something a text book never could. That is interaction. Interaction plays a key role in learning. Students can learn about a location, explore its surroundings and even interact with experts in the fields of study.


One thought on “Field Trips in a Tech Savy Classroom

  1. This was so cool to watch and read about! I remember in high school when budget cuts started to hit home for me and if we wanted to go on a field trip, we would each have to pay. This is a great idea for schools today because of all the budget cuts. I thought it was so cool about the astronauts skyping the students because they were able to see things floating in the air and learn about gravity. The aquarium was also very neat and the students could ask questions and learn about the animals. I would definitely want to do this with my own students one day. Technology has many benefits to teaching.

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