Can Technology Fix Education?

Monica Bulger states that we are “expecting too much of technology if we believe it will single-handedly fix problems with education,” in her article, Why Technology Alone Can’t Fix the Education Problem. She points out that we’ve been thinking that technology will revolutionize the way we learn and the education systems around the world. There have been organizations that strive to donate laptops to schools and the amount of computers and other devices found in schools today has skyrocketed. Is this a worthy cause?

It depends.

While I agree that there is promise in technology, I agree that it won’t solve our problems. We solve our problems. We made our problems. We made technology. If humans are at the center of the problem and the solution then how could we expect anything or anyone else to fix it for us? We can’t. We often forget that technology is not something that should take our place. It shouldn’t be something that teaches our children. We need to teach our children, but we can use technology in the process. Technology is nothing more than a tool: a very complex, advanced, addictive, distracting, expensive, beneficial tool.

If technology could solve our educational needs, it would need to teach our children more efficiently. If technology is teaching our children, we’d have no need for teachers. The fact is technology is only as good as the person using it. Even if we put laptops in every school in the U.S.A, if we had no staff that could teach the students and teachers how to use them it would be useless.

Technology cannot single-handedly teach our children or fix our learning crisis. We made this, and we have to remain in control of it. We are more than a machine and although it is useful, we can become too dependent on it. Technology can serve as an educational tool or any tool we want, as long as we are in control of it and know how to use it. That is when technology will help our education system.

You can check out her article here.


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