Evolution of Technology

J. D. Bolter wrote both Introduction: Writing in the late ages and Writing as Technology.  Within those articles he discussed the evolution of technology and how print is becoming obsolete, while technology is growing constantly.  Bolter (2001) stated, “Electronic technology provides a range of new possibilities, whereas the possibilities of print seem to have been played out.”  Within referring to my earlier years of school it was apparent that the only form of gaining knowledge was through books.  If anyone wanted to know anything they would have to pick up a book and read about it.  As the years progress it’s now obvious that technology has become a prominent role in everyday life.  For example, if one wants to research something or learn about something further, they could simple search at the nearest computer or even their phone.  They no longer need to go to a library and search for books on the topic, because there is plenty of information on the internet.  This shows that the technology has become more of a convenience and print as more of hassle.

The possibilities for what technology could become even further are endless.  Possibilities of what the school system, for example, could be seen through their textbooks.  Now textbooks are being offered on iPads, tablets, kindles, and other electronic devices.  As technology continues to grow it could turn from every student having to purchase textbooks to every student needs to download this particular book on their device.  This would make no reason for there to be print, because everything that’s in print is now being offered at an easier convenience, which is digitally.

When reading Bolter’s articles he discusses that not only has printing evolved into technology, but it’s also turned into different types of media as well.  Bolter (2001) stated, “Throughout the 20th century, print has engaged in contests of remediation with photography, film, and television.”  This not only shows the growth of what it has become thus far, but instead it shows the continual development.  It is now expanding into different forms of media, that anyone is able to access.  This allows the knowledge to be spread universally.

The words that were expressed only through print, at one point in time, are now able to be spread through multiple ways.  This does not make print obsolete, but it has the capability to.  If children grow up to only learn to use electronics to access information then they will only go through technology to find information in the future.  This provides the future to probe questions about where print will be and what will happen to it.  As a college student, I was able to grow up with using textbooks, so that is still what I’m comfortable with, but I also became acclimated with technology so for searching information I tend to use the internet first.  It’s a balancing act between what technology was and where it’s going.


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